Fangirly Crush of the Week: Jensen Ackles

There wasn’t really a choice here.  Supernatural came back this week and with it, the irresistible charms of Jensen Ackles, AKA The Superiour Winchester.  Also, I felt like I HAD to pick him this week, because things are not looking well for his likability factor this season.  What did he get up to in Purgatory?  What did he do to Cas? Who is this guy he is all chummy with?  Why won’t he tell his brother to cut his hair?! Ghahgljkdo!


Sorry, I had to go to my happy place.  A land where I don’t doubt Dean and our trust issues are non-existent.  I just have to hope that Purgatory didn’t get the best of him (although, I will admit that he was looking pretty good in those flashbacks.  Gettin’ all done and dirty, covered in his own sweat, dirt, and… vampire blood).

Anyway, Jensen Ackles gives Dean the perfect mix of funny, charming, sentimental, and rugged.  Oh, so rugged.

Ahem, enjoy the picture that I took when I was about ten feet from him at Comic Con  and the awesome video of him rocking out to the leg guitar!


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