Web Bytes: “Circle of Life (Remix)” on SYTYCD

They announced the winners last night on So You Think You Can Dance and I was… blah, blah, blah. Did you guys see that freaking “Circle of Life” dance?! I cannot get over how good it was. NappyTabs came back from maternity leave in a big, big way. I have had to watch it several times just to make sure that I am seeing every possible awesome thing that could be happening. That running (fast crawling? Galloping?) leap over three guys? Mind blown. I could go on forever, but why don’t we let the dance speak for itself:


Fangirly Exposed: “You and Me” by Tiffany

Once upon a time, 4-year old Ellen loved The Jetsons Movie. It’s my mom’s fault, really (like most things). I was an impressionable youth and she recorded it onto a VHS from the Disney Channel. How could I say no?!

My favorite character of The Jetsons Movie was undoubtedly Judy Jetson. She was super into malls, she rocked the high pone, and all the intergalactic dudes were, like, way into her, which even little me had to appreciate. As totally rad as Judy was, the coolest part about her was that Tiffany did all of her musical numbers. Did I mention that The Jetsons Movie had musical numbers? We’re talking pure 1990 schmaltzy mall pop.

The pinnacle moment for me came when Judy/Tiffany sings “You and Me”. This song adds absolutely nothing to the story and, for some reason, it is accompanied by random 80’s MTV-esque images.

All of this is fine for a 4-year old to love, but the real thing I am embarassed about is how hard I had to look for it when I wanted to download it at age 21. Or how many times I have listened to it since then. Or how hard I rock out to it on my commute. But the truth is, I LOVE this song. It’s infectious, it’s pop-y, and it is great for car-dancing/car-belting. Anybody who can appreciate that is welcome to join me for a session sometime. Haters to the left.

Please observe the amazingness that is this song and accompanying bizarro video.