Fangirly Poll: Do You NEED to See Those Bedroom Scenes?

While watching the Bones season premiere with my friend and fellow Bones enthusiast last night, we realized that we STILL have not seen Booth and Brennan “knock boots”.  Yeah, there was that one time in a dream.  And yeah, we know that they have because of that whole pregnancy thing, but we still haven’t actually seen it happen.  In fact, they came closer than we have ever seen them last night as Brennan tore off Booth’s shirt while he had her pinned against the washer and dryer (I know, I’m surprised I was able to type that sentence without screaming, too).

I feel like I was one of the few Bones fans to not be furious and Hart Hanson and Co. for how they handled the depiction and surprise twist of B&B’s initial coitus.  First, Emily Deschanel was pregnant and I doubt she was super excited to show too much, especially since Brennan was not supposed to be pregnant… yet.   Second, though I waited six seasons for it to happen, I wonder if showing “the scene” would have cheapened it in some way.  (Yes!  I know they aren’t real).

All that being said, do I love getting moments like the laundry room scene last night?  Um, understatement.

Now we are going to open up the floor.  Answer our polls below!  Keep in mind that Bones isn’t the only couple being shy.  (Castle, Psych… what am I missing?)


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