Fangirly DVR Schedules Revealed!

In case you haven’t noticed, we here at Fangirly take our television very seriously.  So seriously that we make Excel spreadsheets to keep track of how we will be setting season passes on our DVRs (to be fair to Whitney, it’s just Ellen that does this), and for the first time ever we are going to share our schedules with the public!  This day shall live in infamy.

A few things to mention before we dig in:

– The blue highlighted shows are the ones that we agree need DVR’d, pinks are Whitney specific shows, and purples are the Ellen specific shows

– It may seem like there are a lot more purples, but I included shows that I am going to give a try.

– Looking at the schedule below, a lot of you will be wondering what kind of DVR we have that allows us to record four shows at once.  Some nights are just more crowded than others and we will have to resort to online viewing.  Wednesday night, for example, is packed.  Just know that the blue shows are the most important because we need to be able to talk about them together that night.

– While Ellen has the The Voice and X Factor, which Whitney is consistently giving her a hard time about, let it be noted that Whitney has the equally trashy Dancing With the Stars.

Hopefully our television expertise will be of assistance to you as you try to navigate the crowded waters of the fall television schedule.  Check it out below!

Ellen and Whitney

5 thoughts on “Fangirly DVR Schedules Revealed!

  1. Wow. I have 13 shows on the docket and that doesn’t even count the few new ones that I want to check out. Yikes! How has this happened? I used to have like 5 shows…

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