Get with the Program: The Mindy Project!

Confession time: The Office is not one of my favorite shows. Not that it’s a bad show, I just felt that it got boring and repetitive as the series progressed. So when I heard that Mindy Kaling, a writer, exec-producer, and one of the stars of The Office, was developing her own show, I didn’t pay much attention. Also, I don’t really love self-referential show titles, so the fact that the show was named The Mindy Project was not a huge turn on either.

Then I actually watched the pilot. And let me tell you, it was awesome. It accomplished everything a pilot should accomplish; it introduced the characters, delivered a hilarious and compelling narrative, and gave us an idea of what the rest of the series would be like. I know what your thinking. “Whitney, an awesome pilot doesn’t necessarily indicate an awesome show”. To which I would respond, “Oh yeah? OH YEAH?!… That’s actually very true. Good point.” But I’ve got a good feeling about this one. So do yourself a favor, haul on over to Hulu, and watch the pilot of The Mindy Project.  It might just be the funniest 23 minutes of your day.


Fangirly Crush of the Week: Arthur Darvill

In keeping with our quasi-Doctor Who themed week here at Fangirly and because I am on a DW high, I decided to choose from our favorite time-traveling British import for the crush of the week.  It, of course, came down to Rory and the Doctor (who else was I supposed to choose? An ood?), but after the season 7 premiere, I had to choose Rory.  Did you see the boots and skinny jeans?!  I had no choice.

In all seriousness, I love Rory and I was utterly charmed by Arthur at the DW panel at Comic Con.  While he is not what some might call “conventionally handsome”, you’ll soon realize that we could care less about that around here.

– Ellen