Web Bytes: New Castle Promo

Mmhmm.  Yeah.  I’m pretty excited for the new season.

In case you are not aware, Castle and Beckett finally knocked boots at the end of  last season.  No way to fake amnesia with that, Beckett!  Judging from this new promo, it looks she has no desire to forget this, though.

How do you feel about this development for them?  Is the will they, won’t they tension gone?


4 thoughts on “Web Bytes: New Castle Promo

  1. ooooh, i love castle!! i feel like they could have dragged it out longer with a kiss here and there instead of going straight for the, um, prize?? but i love them together and can’t wait to see where they take it.

    • Yeah, but you know that there was no way she was going to come in wet from the rain, tell him that she loves him, and then not have gone straight for the “prize”.

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